Wednesday, November 25, 2009

4 Chords of the Apocalypse: Julian Casablancas

Dear Julian,
The Strokes were one of our favorite bands in high school. I want to thank you for going solo, and for the Oscar Wilde reference in your album's title. Also, thank you for gracing the cover of Filter with your lovely presence. I've missed you, Julian.


  1. Great song!

    Here's mine: [link]

  2. Come on guys! I made something, now you all make something too! grrrrrr

    (I recently just regestered on blogspot so that's why I was "Anonymous" before. but from now on I'm "bewal"!)

  3. Sorry, we're bad! I just finished & I'll post tomorrow.

    Don't know why the players aren't working, but I'll try to fix it soon.

  4. I'll admit, I wasn't listening to this song the entire time. But I think it still counts.

    It's another monochromatic faaaace.

  5. Nice, I really like his expression

  6. thank youuu ( :

    [oops, not logged in as me]